Wednesday, February 11, 2009


 Well, I am back to share once again. Today, I am reflecting back on my life and trying to find the value within it. Have I lived up to life's expectation. In many instances, no I haven't. I have failed miserably and there was no excuse for my shortcomings. Overall, I believe that I have excelled at dealing with all that life has thrown my way. Why, you say, am I rambling on about such nonsense. The reason is death. This morning I received a call that my sister was battling for her own existence. She decided that life was to tough to deal with under the circumstances she has had to battle through. Just five years ago, she was a strong, hard working and active women. Unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse. She had a heart attack, then three years later she had a stroke. Mind you, this a 36 year old woman. Her life changed drastically and it was more than she could handle. So, this morning she attempted to take her own life, but was unsuccessful. Her future is still uncertain, but her actions have slapped me in the face. This is why I stop now to reflect on my life. Many times we take for granted what we have in our lives. We cry about insignificant things and forget about the treasures that have been bestowed upon us. We must cherish who and what we have in our lives, because in a heart beat, it could all disappear. Embrace the blessings and move forward in life, in a positive direction. May you all be blessed! Take care, Peace!!


  1. life is the mixture of both sufferings and long as you move forward with the
    positive thoughts nothing will harm you

  2. Hi
    I am sorry to hear about your sister. It is difficult. I will pray for your family.